Hockey is considered as a sport of Strategy and communication. This is one such game that is played on different terrains in different countries, like in India we have field hockey and in places like Canada and Russia, it is played on ice. A professional game of hockey involves each team having 16 players on it, and only 11 of them are allowed to play on the field at a time.

Hockey in India has a greater significance than any other sport. India has both the women and men hockey team, and both are at the top of their games. India has won 8 gold medals in the Olympics as of now.

In a country like India, the physical activity of playing various sports is thought at a very young age and at times is given more importance than even higher education. Hockey is one such sport that India takes of utmost significance in India. Unlike any other country, India dwells on the fact that it excels in Hockey.

There are various advantages of this one specific sport such as :

Muscular strength

Helps build muscular strength

Hockey is a game that constantly requires a person on the move. It is one of the best ways to get a lower body workout. As the entire leg is always in motion, it helps in increasing the strength and endurance of the calf and thigh muscle.

Helps in communication

Hockey is an excellent way in improving a person’s communication as while playing this game players have to be in sync with their team-mates. There must be excellent communication among the players to yield positive results.


Helps in increasing stamina

This is one of the critical factors as it helps a person in various ways. The constant running of up and down the field helps in increasing a person’s stamina, and thus this intern helps them with their daily routine activities.

Improves speed and reaction time

The constant practice of a sport where a person is required to run a lot gradually increases their speed. A player learns about the factor of uncertainty and thus is prepared at all times which intern helps in developing his reaction time.


Helps burn calories in a healthy way

Unlike joining a gym and straining one’s body without having fun gets dull at one point. Hockey involves all the fun of a game and the physical components of a workout thus making much more appealing to the minds of the people.

According to the recent RTI, there is no official National Game of India. Many reasons attribute to the downfall of hockey from that status and one of them majorly being, the lack of interest and the major downfall of hockey in the past few decades. As of now, there is no official game that has been declared as the national game.